Outlook Web Access 2003

E-mail Address:


New! The logon screen has changed for OWA 2003.

On the next screen, logon using the format domain\yourid. For more information, see the OWA 2003 User Guide.

To safeguard the privacy of your data, Carlson Audit has mandated that Outlook Web Access sessions end automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. It is recommended that you save your unfinished items often to prevent data loss. In the event that a session ends, refresh your browser and log in again.

E-Mail accessibility is provided for official company business. E-Mails may be monitored by the Company at any time. Users of the Company’s electronic communication systems should have no expectations of privacy in such communications. Although incidental and occasional personal use of E-Mail is permitted, such use is also subject to the same monitoring process and privacy rules as business related email. Refer to Key Company Policies (Intranet access required) for more information. Note: If the data you were entering prior to the session ending is still visible in the browser window, copy the text to the clipboard before refreshing the browser. Then paste the text where you need it after you have re-established your session.